The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It proves to be more of a mystery than the other Conjuring movies that focused on hauntings confined to one location. In this case, the Warrens have to track down a mysterious overlord in the shadows, slowly realizing it’s an occult mastermind they’re up against. They soon discover this entity has power beyond their imagination, making it one of the franchise’s most formidable foes.

Ed and Lorraine attempt to exorcise a demon from young David Glatzel early in the film. However, it jumps into his future brother-in-law, Arne, and causes him to murder his landlord. Lorraine can’t sense a demon in Arne as he preps for the possibility of receiving the death penalty. But when they investigate the Glatzel home, they discover a Satanic totem.

They leave their protégé, Drew, to investigate with the authorities. His research sends them from Connecticut to Massachusetts, where another totem popped up in the past at the home of Jessica Strong. Lorraine uses her otherworldly powers at the crime scene.

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