The popular NoDa music venue anticipates coronavirus restrictions will allow them to economically host live, in-person shows by May.

One of Charlotte’s most popular music venues, The Evening Muse, is planning its reopening. The popular venue in Charlotte’s NoDa neighborhood has been closed for in-person shows since the coronavirus pandemic began.

One of the things so many people cannot wait to do again is see live shows. Charlotte’s local music venues have taken a tough hit during the pandemic.

“Not going to lie. It’s been tough,” The Evening Muse co-owner Joe Kuhlmann said.

With COVID-19 cases going down and more people getting the vaccine. Kuhlmann said they’re making plans to re-open in May.

It is music to the ears of concert fans. 

“It was a long year for everybody, so I think everyone’s excited to get back out and be together,” NoDa resident Robert Brown said.

“Music makes people feel connected, especially me, because I used to go to a lot of concerts and it’s very nice to see that music is going to be live again,” Sarah Krizner said.

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