Conservative and liberal organizations are starting to press Florida lawmakers on the state’s soon-to-be allocated new seat ahead of a fight that could determine control of Congress.

Conservative nonprofit Democracy Now, led by former Trump administration official Carlos Trujillo, is set to use Florida as the staging ground to rebuild a Republican majority in Congress, which would require flipping three seats nationally.

“Florida is the most competitive swing state by population and electoral votes,” Trujillo said. “And selfishly, I know this state better than Pennsylvania or Ohio, and it gets one more competitive seat next cycle.”

On the Democratic side, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, chaired by former Attorney General Eric Holder, has already met with Democratic members of the state legislature, and created an affiliated group called All on the Line to focus on influencing lawmakers in key states like Florida.

“We have multiple staff on the ground here, and Florida is one of our nine target states we are tracking closely,” said Katie Vicsik, a group spokesperson.

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