DC FanDome offered viewers their first real look at the upcoming DCEU movie, The Flash; here’s every Easter egg and reference in The Flash trailer. The DC Comics “speedster” known as The Flash is superhero with powers of super-speed, who — through over 60-years-worth of comics — has learned how to use his powers to not just outrun bullets, but to phase through solid objects, run into parallel dimensions, and even time travel. There have been many different super-speed heroes calling themselves The Flash over the history of DC, but the most prominent one — and the version appearing in the DCEU movie — is Barry Allen.

Ezra Miller has played Barry Allen’s The Flash across several films in the DCEU, including cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, before his character was fully revealed in Justice League (and fleshed out a bit more in Zack Snyder’s Justice League). The Flash will be the character’s first ever solo superhero blockbuster film, but instead of dramatizing his origin story, it appears that parallel dimensions or time travel (or both) will be the main story in the upcoming DCEU film. The Flash promises multiple versions of the character and multiple versions of Batman, played by both Michael Keaton from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman and Ben Affleck, who was most recently playing the character in the other DCEU films.

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