The Hanson brothers’ hands are full! Taylor HansonZac Hanson and Isaac Hanson exclusively told Us Weekly about their future family plans after cumulatively welcoming 15 children.

“I might be all finished,” Zac, 35, said on Wednesday, May 12. “I have a 2-month-old, Taylor has a 5-month-old. Isaac, are you having any more?”

Isaac shares Clarke, 14, James, 12, and Nina, 7, with his wife, Nicole Hanson, while Zac and Kathryn Hanson are the parents of John, 12, Junia, 10, George, 7, Mary, 4, and Quincy, 2 months. As for Taylor, 38, he and his wife, Natalie Hanson, share Jordan, 18, Penelope, 16, River, 14, Viggo, 12, Wilhelmina, 8, Claude, 2, and Maybellene, 5 months.

The cousins are “talented and creative,” Isaac gushed to Us on Wednesday. “We keep trying to discourage them against starting a band and warning them of all the possible pitfalls, but there’s a few guitar players and a couple keyboard players, so we’ll see! More than that, I think you want to encourage your kids to be the best that they can be and chase their skill sets and do something they feel good about in their life. If that passion is music, then we want them to go for it. If it’s performing surgery, then that’s fine too!”

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