Here’s the show that was bound to follow the creation of that other series featuring inventors pitching products to a panel of potential investors: It’s a shoppable version of that, a live competition series in which viewers, by purchasing the merchandise offered to them, help decide which entrepreneur succeeds.

The person who manages to have the highest sales during the episode wins the opportunity to make a deal with one of the big names that’s involved: Lowe’s, Macy’s and QVC and HSN — who know a thing or two about moving merchandise on live television.

The same companies also will have representatives on the panel, including former HSN star Joy Mangano, who fans of Jennifer Lawrence will recognize as the woman on which her 2015 movie Joy was based. Don’t forget to grab your wallet before settling in for this one. — Raechal Shewfelt

It’s Halloween season, and while Midnight Mass may be one of the most widely watched (and widely discussed) horror series at the moment, don’t forget its restless creator Mike Flanigan’s last offerings.