To beauty editors, it doesn’t quite feel like Fashion Week until the moment when you push through the chaos backstage to temporarily take refuge in the cocoon of calm around Diane Kendal. The British makeup artist is an industry icon who’s always happy to break down the striking looks she’s created for the runway, not just by product name, but by texture, color, concept, and technique.

Thankfully, fashion retailer Zara and its beauty director, Eva Lopez-Lopez, tapped Kendal to bring the brand’s first makeup collection to life, meaning now the masses can take advantage of her expertise year-round. After 18 months of collaboration (the majority conducted on Zoom for pandemic reasons), this month Zara unveiled the collection of vegan, cruelty-free, affordable, and refillable products in over 130 colors for the face, eyes, lips, and nails, with six makeup brushes to boot.

“We wanted to create a line that was very inclusive and could appeal to everybody, no matter what skin color, age, gender, or personal style,” Kendal says. Fittingly, the collection is also accompanied by an equally extensive campaign full of eye candy for every vibe, showcasing what the artist does best. The campaign is really nine campaigns: a whole portfolio of inspirational makeup looks created by Kendal, captured by nine different photographers, each giving their own concept of beauty.