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There may be no more competitive race for Congress anywhere next year than the one for Florida’s 10th Congressional District, where three vibrant criminal justice reform crusaders want to replace Rep. Val Demings.

Sen. Randolph Bracy, civil rights attorney Natalie Jackson, who both announced their candidacies Tuesday, and former State Attorney Aramis Ayala, who’s announcing her candidacy Wednesday, are all Democrats.

And for now, that’s where the competition lies, in the Democratic primary, as Demings turns her sights to the U.S. Senate.

Republicans’ only realistic prospect would require that redistricting completely redefines CD 10 as something other than a solidly blue district. That’s not likely, as calculus probably suggests that Republicans would have an easier chance of expanding their dominance by redrawing maps to dump more Democratic voters into CD 10 from neighboring districts, not the other way around.

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