U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist is far ahead of Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried in the Democratic primary for Governor.

A new St. Pete Polls survey, commissioned by Florida Politics, found the former GOP Governor would snag 55% of the primary vote if the election were today. Fried would trap less than a quarter of the vote.

Crist’s lead carries across all races, regions and age groups.

Fried, if elected, would be the first woman Governor in state history, yet she has only 20% support among women to Crist’s 57%. She’s also Gen Xer, who is currently losing the under-50 crowd by 30 points.

Another lackluster sign for the only statewide elected Democrat: About 42% of Democrats think she has little to no chance of unseating Gov. Ron DeSantis if she is the nominee. Only one in seven Democrats think she would have the edge in the General Election.

Crist, meanwhile, is seen as having either a coin-flip chance or an advantage by two-thirds of those polled.

Of course, Crist is already a candidate for Governor. Fried isn’t.

That’s about to change. Fried has been hinting at a run for a while, and she’s set to make a “major announcement” on Tuesday — almost certainly her official entry into the race.

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