Last decade we saw the smartphone move from overpriced gadget to something more necessary than a laptop or desktop. We saw the e-reader settle on a design so perfect it’s barely changed in seven years. We saw games systems that made us rethink how we game and laptops that made us rethink what a good laptop should look like. There were incredible wearables, and remarkable VR systems, and drones so well designed practically anyone can fly them. Below are the most innovative gadgets of the last decade”the ones that will continue to matter long after the devices themselves become obsolete.

We didn’t want to focus on the best, because in technology the best is often the most recent. No one will say the FuelBand is better than a Fitbit Alta in 2019″but the Fitbit Alta wouldn’t exist without the Nike’s FuelBand paving the way. So don’t expect any device from 2019 to be on the list below”the Switch Lite and Lenovo Book and all the rest of our favourite 2019 gadgets will get their own time to shine. This is about reflecting on what came before and precisely why these innovative gadgets matter.

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