It has been a long, hard year for many Americans, from the arrival of Covid-19 and the economic pain it brought to a contentious presidential election and post-election period. But as Covid-19 vaccination rates rise, key data points suggest something is lurking in the American electorate that we haven’t seen for a while: optimism.

Opinions about the direction of the country and the direction of the economy have improved dramatically in the last few months — and the shift could have a political impact in WashingtonGallup released data last week showing that the percentage of Americans who are satisfied with the direction of the country hit a nine-month high.

Cynics will rightly note that the number still isn’t stellar. No one comes home from school to brag to their parents about getting 32 percent on a test. But it’s the highest the figure has been since the pandemic began, tying the “satisfied” number from May. And low satisfaction has become a hallmark of 21st century America. The number has been in the 30s or lower, often far lower, for most of the past decade.

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