The recently-proposed hike in US capital gains taxes teed off a massive amount of discussion among Americans. For those – myself included – who earn equity as part of their compensation and expect most of their lifetime income to accrue through capital gains, a ~2x tax hike can be a tough pill to swallow. With that said, the state of personal finances in the US paints a picture of an America that more than ever needs more well-funded and robust social safety nets.

In the world of well-designed personal financial management apps (such as Mint, Truebill, Trim, Monarch Money, etc.), the product is centered around the idea of helping people do more with less. Personal spending insights to the tune of, “You spent $200 more on restaurants last month” are paired with recommendations from personal finance experts such as, “buy fewer lattes and less avocado toast.”

Ultimately, these efforts seem a bit like focusing on nutritional information during a famine.

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