Cancer: Treatment includes pomegranate juice |

THE BURDEN of cancer is growing at full tilt, exerting strain on populations and health bodies worldwide. Although countermeasures against the disease are improving, the absence of a cure means prevention is still vital. One fruit juice may be key to preventing cancer, by killing malignant cells and reducing tumour growth.

Cancer occurs when damaged cells run rampant, spreading to other parts of the body. Fortunately, survival rates have significantly improved, owing to marked improvements in cancer care. Food intake holds great influence on one’s risk of developing cancer.

One fruit, which contains a host of beneficial compounds with powerful anti-cancer properties, may be key for the prevention of cancer.

The medicinal properties of pomegranate have sparked great interest among medical circles in recent years.

This interest is largely attributed to studies that suggest the beneficial effects of pomegranate juice are greater than those of red wine or green tea.