If you’re like me, bedtime is a slow wind-down that ends in an hour of seemingly infinite TikTok videos. (TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z, okay!) Occasionally, you may come across a long-lost childhood hero in the mass of lol syncing and stitched videos, and the latest child star to make an appearance is that of Patrick Renna, who you may know better as Ham from The Sandlot. It’s not all sunshine and daisies post-Sandlot though, and Renna sure knows how to pull at our heartstrings. That’s because his viral TikTok video about celebrity life is super sad!

Recently the Sandlot star posted a video to his TikTok account that had him playing out a scene to the tune of Justin Beiber’s “Lonely.” It appears that the experience he is depicting is far too familiar to Patrick Renna, which makes it even more sad. Really, Renna is either just that good at acting or he really is crestfallen about the all-too-common situation. Take a look for yourself:

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