When the pandemic started, it stopped in-person music lessons and live performances.

“Everybody who chooses music and chooses to practice it… does it largely because they love connecting with people,” Joseph Kuipers said. “Sometimes absence does make the heart grow fonder.”

Kuipers is the director of the Texas Cellos, a student cello choir that started practicing during the pandemic.

“As soon as I went to rehearsal, first thing I told my mother was that was the most fun I’ve had on the cello in a good year,” 14-year-old cellist Jaden Ouyang of Dallas said. “It was something I didn’t know I needed,” 18-year old cellist Marlon Florez of Dallas said.

“Doing live performances is a major part of why we put in so much effort,” 15-year-old cellist Danielle Yoon of Frisco said.

After a year of not playing live, the students will play a live, socially distanced concert with the Texas Cellos this coming weekend.

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