As the world slowly reopens, people are starting to wear makeup again. In general, the consumer reports tell us that makeup sales are up, but there’s one particular product that seems to be trendier than ever, especially for summer: blush.

According to celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic (you know him as Kim Kardashian’s go-to for glam), blush is a direct reflection of post-COVID energy. “After over a year of lockdown, we’re more attracted to bright, daylight, happiness — basically anything that’s not dark and inside,” he explains. “When it comes to makeup, people want to look sun-kissed and healthy, and you can create that effect using a bit of blush.”

However, achieving a seemingly natural flush is one of the harder makeup skills to master. First, you have to find your blush shade and then decide if you want a cream or a powder, which leads to the application dilemma — does the blush go over the highlighter or the bronzer?

Luckily, according to Dedivanovic, the process of finding your perfect blush is actually pretty intuitive. “It’s all about preference,” he explains.