The Think Tank welcomes the return of the Think Tank “A Team,” attorney Tom Ryan and political consultant Chuck Coughlin, to discuss several of the most pressing Arizona issues.

Arizona is getting $12.2 billion of America Rescue Plan Act relief. But there is a requirement that they money be used for the specified purposes, not to fund tax cuts. Attorney General Mark Brnovich has indicated he will sue over this provision. Will his court challenge have a chance?

Proposition 208, passed by the voters last November provides additional education funding paid for by a tax on ultra-high income earners. The Voter Protection initiative, also passed by the voters, prohibits the legislature from any action whose purpose is to undermine the will of the voters.

The Arizona State Senate “won” the right to “audit” the Maricopa County election results. But they seem to have no idea of how to do this given that the County has already subjected the results to two independent audits.

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