As COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen across the United States, some in-person Pride celebrations will take place across the country. Others, however, have been postponed until at least fall, and there remain people who are simply not yet ready to revel in large crowds.

With the newly launched Pride in a Box, no one has to miss out on the fun. The fabulous, glittery, rainbow-filled array of goodies brings Pride directly to your door and helps you celebrate in the safety and comfort of your home.

“You can’t quarantine Pride,” said Elise Lindborg, CEO of Brand|Pride, the LGBTQ branding solutions company behind Pride in a Box. “So we curated this really cool box. “Held together with rainbow elastic, the sleek black box is packed with coasters, a key chain, a flag, a bandana, balloons, and a printed dishtowel. Of course, it is adorned with rainbows, as well as the white, pink, and blue of the transgender Pride flag.

“Everyone is really surprised at the quality of the products,” Lindborg said. “They’re usable, things people can put up in their windows.”

The website also assures customers that the shipping box is completely incognito and reveals nothing LGBTQ-specific. Anyone uncomfortable with neighbors or family knowing what they ordered has nothing to fear.