Just in the middle of a tap dance performance at Music Center Plaza in downtown Los Angeles, the Waterworks building behind the outdoor stage is lit up like a lantern. The empty orange office of electricity reminds us of how the city center was hollowed out during a pandemic.

But this Sunday night, the music center Staging a cautious return to live performances The fifth and final dance at Dusk show featuring the Queen of Tap Dormesia. “Super Villas: Modern Tap Dance Act” awakens the cultural center of Los Angeles, where energy crackles.

Approximately 150 people sit in 39 pods, each of which can accommodate up to 4 people. The pods are staggered into yellow squares taped throughout the square. Bottled water is placed beside the metal folding chair, and no other drinks are permitted or served. This last part seems to be content with most of the audience just being there.

In May 2021, a socially distant audience introduced a live dance performance at the Music Center Plaza.

(John McCoy / The Music Center)

Before the dance begins, the recorded audio will greet the audience and explain safety procedures. Cheers and cheers echo. The sign prompts the viewer to “dance” and send a text message to 55741 to receive the program on their device.