DIY modular gadgets are nothing new, but they’ve had varying amounts of success over the years. Some devices managed to pick up steam, like AIAIAI’s TMA-2 headphones, while others, like the Blocks smartwatch and Google’s modular phone, crashed and burned. Mixed success in designing and launching these devices isn’t stopping others from creating new modular devices though, nor should it. Anil Reddy, creator of Pockit, a tiny modular computer that you can turn into various types of gadgets, may have actually created a must-have. At the very least, it looks so gosh darn cool.

Think of Pockit like a kit of electronic Legos. Starting with a magnetized base-board about the size of a credit card, users can “snap” tiny SLA 3D-printed blocks on top to create clocks, Bitcoin tickers, thermostats, cameras, automatic watering devices for indoor plants—virtually anything, even a plug-and-play Linux computer with a Raspberry Pi.

Some blocks have raised icons on top to let you know if they are made for specific use-cases like those.

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