Like most industries, healthcare has been transformed by data. The ability to gather, store, and analyse massive amounts of data can help healthcare organisations improve patient experience and provide more personalised services. The data can even be used to identify patterns and trends that could lead to breakthroughs in treatment and prevention.

However, tapping into the full benefits of data is easier said than done.

Healthcare data come from many different sources. From patient forms and bookings to test results and diagnostic imaging, every patient amasses a sizable electronic health record. This data mix is set to grow, as physicians increasingly embrace new technology such as wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather more patient data.

How can healthcare organisations store and manage this data? At Pure Storage, we work with healthcare organisations worldwide to help them realise the full value of their data, such as implementing lightning fast SSD storage and doing away with the need for disruptive hardware upgrades.

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