Thursday Night Live is one event that highlights local artists and musicians. The event will host local businesses, as well. Coordinator Angela Nale said planning the event was different than last year.

“In all honesty, we had our Thursday Night Lives last year also, we just had smaller crowds,” Nale said. “We space things out a little bit more and plan accordingly, so we really just this year planned like we did in normal years.”

COVID regulations forced the event last year to have smaller crowds. This year, there are no restrictions. However, Nale said the event will still have sanitizing stations.

“We still provide sanitary sanitation and things like that,” Nale said. “So we believe we are definitely ready for this.”

For stagehands and musicians, the event is a welcoming sight. The COVID-19 pandemic forced both professions out of work. Derek Ramabargar, part owner of the stage company Stage Experts, said last year was not easy.

“You know, last year hit us pretty hard,” Ramabargar said. “We went from having roughly 36 different stage gigs to five.”

Ramabargar said the only events that his company had last year were the five Thursday Night Live events.