The 47-year-old actress rose to international fame as Kelly Kapowski in the hit show in the late 80s and early 90s, and Tiffani has revealed she’s remained very close to her co-star.

Tiffani – who has Harper, 11, and Holt, six, with her husband Brady Smith – told Us Weekly: “We live totally close together. I love his wife. His kids are great, like, we adore [them]. So we have a lot of fun actually hanging out with them.”

Tiffani and Mark-Paul, 47 – who starred as Zack Morris in ‘Saved by the Bell’ – have previously enjoyed double dates together. However, the actress explained that it can be tough for them to organise now they both have kids.

Tiffani – who reprised her role for the return of ‘Saved by the Bell’ in 2020 – said: “We have before, but it’s been a long time. I actually go back and start shooting a couple more episodes for season two [of ‘Saved by the Bell’] next week. Maybe we’ll try to get something [together].

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