Tig Notaro wearing a uniform: tig notaro never looks right in army of the dead

Zack Snyder didn’t have a lot of options for dumping Chris D’Elia from the zombie flick “Army of the Dead” after he was accused by several women of grooming and sexually harassing them when they were underage. Under the circumstances, digitally subbing him out in favor of a much better comedian in Tig Notaro was probably the best option, since the role is too crucial to the story to be completely removed.

In “Army of the Dead,” Notaro plays Peters — the helicopter pilot who’s gonna fly the crew out of zombie-infested Las Vegas after they pull off their casino heist. So it’s not really a role you can just get rid of without changing a big chunk of the plot.

Unfortunately, the change is pretty distracting, because Notaro never quite looks like she’s in the same scene as everyone else. This is a hazard that comes with the territory when you’re trying something like this, and honestly there wasn’t much of a chance that Notaro would be a perfectly seamless addition — “Army of the Dead” is a mid-budget movie, not a mega-budget spectacular. There’s only so much you can do if you aren’t throwing all the money at it.

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