Want to take minutes off your cooking routine? It’s entirely possible, but you need the right setup. So today, we’re presenting you with some of our favorite time-saving gadgets that can help you cook faster. That way, you can get to the fun part—enjoying your food—sooner.

Love to cook but wish it could go a little faster? These time-saving gadgets for the kitchen take care of the tedious parts of cooking so that you can have food on the table sooner. And these best time-saving kitchen appliances can even give you extra time to do other things. Because after a long day at work, a time-intensive meal probably isn’t how you want to spend your evening.

But there are a ton of great kitchen devices that can make your meal prep easier and faster. What about an oven that you don’t need to preheat? Or a blender that cuts right through ice without getting stuck? Check out these products and more on the list below.

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