Elijah Wood will reportedly play the lead villain in The Toxic Avenger reboot, sharing the screen with Peter Dinklage, Taylour Paige & Jacob Tremblay.

Elijah Wood will reportedly star alongside Peter Dinklage and Jacob Tremblay as the lead villain in The Toxic Avenger reboot. The Toxic Aavenger is a low-budget American superhero film released in 1984. The film meshed the genres of horror, comedy, and action, bringing to the screen a campy, gore-filled tale of a weak janitor who transforms into a gruesome superhero after being exposed to toxic chemicals. The film came to be regarded as a cult classic and spurned multiple sequels, a musical production, and a cartoon.

A reboot of the film has been in the works since 2010. However, the ball didn’t get rolling until Legendary stepped in and acquired the filming rights for the movie. Recently, Legendary nabbed Macon Blair as The Toxic Avenger’s writer and director, and the film has slowly been coming together. The remake has garnered attention recently for its impressive cast list, as it includes multiple high-profile actors.

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