Embarrassing news came for Donald Trump from on high during his Sarasota rally Saturday in the form of a plane flashing the neon message: “Loser-Palooza.”

The message — flying over the Florida fairgrounds where Trump was speechifying — was funded and arranged by the anti-Trump, pot-stirring, political action committee MeidasTouch. It quickly trended on Twitter after it was noted by radio and TV journalists, and spectators snapping cell phones pictures.

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s our #LoserPalooza plane flying over the Trump loser fest,” MediasTouch guffawed on Twitter.

Since Trump’s favorite insult is “loser,” the message was pretty perfect, noted several Twitter users.

Trump yet again complained in Sarasota about being the loser in the presidential election — though he again falsely insisted the race was rigged.

He also appeared to admit to some of the essential points in the 15-felony count federal indictment filed last week against the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg — that the company and Weisselberg didn’t pay taxes on what Trump called “fringe benefits.”

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