Donald Trump has charged the Secret Service more than $50,000 for lodging at his own properties just since he left the White House, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

The former president charged the agency more than $10,000 for lodging at his New Jersey golf resort in Bedminster during his stay in May alone, according to the Post. Agents plan to stay through July.

The figures were based on records released by the Secret Service in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from the newspaper.

The latest figures from Trump’s spring move to Bedminster revealed he’s continuing a “habit” that began in the first days of his presidency: “Charging rent to the agency that protects his life,” the Post noted.

The Bedminster information from the Secret Service did not provide a per-night rate, but the Post deduced from the total that the former president was socking the Secret Service with a nightly bill of $566.64 for a four-bedroom “cottage” on the property so agents could be nearby. That charge would account for the 18 days Trump stayed at Bedminster in May, the Post noted.

No law prevents Trump from charging the Secret Service — and there are no caps on what he can charge, the Post reported. But it’s highly unusual for a former president to earn income from Secret Service charges.