Two Drops of This Emma Watson-Approved Find Blurs Out Fine Lines

To date, one of the highest compliments I’ve ever received was from a random man in a bar who said he was into my “Hermione look.” I have to assume he was talking about my curly, voluminous hair (some would say bushy), but I was still flattered to receive a comparison to Emma Watson. Like the star, I have a deep allegiance to clean beauty – and according to shoppers, one of Watson’s go-to brands makes a spiffy anti-aging oil.

Kjaer Weis was one of the original clean beauty brands, forgoing parabens, silicones, petrochemical emulsifiers, and synthetic fragrances since its founding in 2010. The Danish brand is made in Italy, and thus almost fully “Certified Natural” or “Certified Organic” by the country’s certification body, the Controllo e Certificazione Prodotti Biologici (CCPB). So while the FDA doesn’t currently regulate skincare, or even the word “clean,” Kjaer Weis is assuredly up to snuff.

That quality makes it a shoe-in for Watson, according to numerous reports on her beauty preferences over the years.