As the deadline approaches for musicians to send in their video submissions for the 11:59 p.m. deadline tomorrow night (Eastern Time), the 2021 NPR Music Tiny Desk competition has featured some of their top submissions this week as part of a “Desk of the Day Series”.

In the past week, two New Orleans acts have been given early momentum as they were featured on NPR social media accounts for Desk of the Day.

Today’s featured artist is LeTrainiump (a.k.a LeTrainiump Richard), a New Orleans singer, composer, and producer that mixes modern pop with 1990s-2000s era R&B. See LeTrainiump perform his Tiny Desk submission with his band and fellow New Orleans hip-hop artist Alfred Banks with his video for “Lost?” down below.

Also chosen for Desk of the Day earlier in the week, People Museum, a New Orleans pop band that blends big beats and big brass with electronic sounds. In their video for “Bible Belt”, the band crams into a small space to produce a wall of sound. Check it out below!