There’s been no shortage of drama onscreen, but it looks like there’s been even more chaos behind-the-scenes on the set of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia this season.

According to a report by New Idea magazine on Monday, there were accusations of perceived unfair advantages, special treatment when it came to makeup allowances, and celebrities threatening to quit.

Meanwhile, producers used clever tactics to help generate additional drama, while some of the contestants formed secret alliances off-camera.

Because of this, many of the celebrities who hadn’t organised money in advance felt like their co-stars were had an unfair advantage.

Speaking to New Idea, a production assistant for the show revealed that some contestants were given more makeup assistants than others.

‘If it was on-brand to your character or personality type to be flawless, you were allowed an entourage – take two guesses who!’ they added.

And with the often intimidating Lord Alan Sugar assuming the role of chief executive officer on this year’s show, many of the contestants threatened to walk.

After repeatedly facing the wrath of the 74-year-old business magnate, many started to ‘question if the show was even worth it’.

But producers managed to keep the fed up celebrities on the show, and even employed sneaky tactics to generate even more drama.

Contestants were often left feeling hungry and exhausted in an attempt to wear them down.

‘The celebrities were always up early and shooting all day – the hours are very long,’ a source told New Idea.