On the anniversary of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, a local non-profit called We Are Many United Against Hate will hold a forum with area students and experts to find solutions to avoid further violence— an attack the non-profit and FBI Director Christopher Wray described as “domestic terrorism”.

Akhtar said, “Let’s create a Wisconsin, non-partisan unity caucus that has all of the representatives-Black, white, brown, you name it–plus elected officials of both parties to come together to address this problem…to make sure that this country remains The United States of America and not the divided states of America.”

During a Zoom interview Akhtar said that the attack should serve as a reminder. “Sometimes what happens is that people who are born in this country take things for granted. And our message is, well, this is a wake-up call, and we need to act that things (like this) might happen here in this country, by our own people.”

The forum at the McFarland Performing Arts Center on January 6th, features former members of hate groups as well as experts on domestic terrorism.

Akhtar said the attack has left people with a lot of questions, and that the answers may be unexpected. “It’s good to remind people about that attack that was carried out that day because a lot of people will still be asking questions internally, who carried out that attack on our democracy. The question is going to be were those people Al Qaeda, Islamic State, refugees, or even those people from Muslim-banned countries? And the answer is going to be a resounding no. These are the people that are here and we call them domestic terrorists. And I think that’s a good reminder to people that we have to do something about it.”