US nuclear industry presses White House on Russian uranium imports: report

The U.S. nuclear power industry is reportedly lobbying for the White House to permit uranium imports from Russia amid the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters that cheap supplies of fuel were essential to keeping U.S. electricity prices low amid the continued conflict in Ukraine.

While many Western nations, including the U.S, have imposed sanctions against Russia as a result of the invasion, uranium sales and related financial transactions are exempt from those restrictions.

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), which is a trade group of American nuclear power companies like Duke Energy Corp. and Exelon Corp., is pushing for the White House to maintain those exemptions, Reuters reported.

“While Russia is a significant global supplier of commercial nuclear fuel, U.S. utilities contract with a worldwide network of companies and countries for their fuel requirements to mitigate the risks of potential disruption,” Nima Ashkeboussi, the NEI’s senior director of fuel and radiation safety, said to Reuters.

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