Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said the Biden administration is exploring how to help semiconductor producers and buyers share supply chain information to alleviate the global chip supply crisis, and urged Congress to swiftly pass legislation to fund domestic production.

“There’s a lack of transparency right now in the supply chain,” Raimondo said in a call with reporters Thursday following a day of meetings with companies. “We are trying to figure out what role the government can and should play in increasing that information sharing and forecasting so we can alleviate the short-term crunch.”

Raimondo convened executives from the biggest chipmakers, automakers and technology giants as a global semiconductor shortage weighs on those industries. The summit drew so much interest that it had to be split into two separate sessions, people familiar with the planning said.

Among the attendees were executives from companies including Apple Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Ford Motor Co., General Motors Co., AT&T Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Verizon Communications Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Qualcomm Inc., General Electric Co., GlobalFoundries Inc. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Raimondo said using the Defense Production Act, a wartime power to set priorities for certain supplies, would be “a challenge” because of the impact on a wide range of sectors.

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