Hanover Parks and Recreation is joining Hanover Yoga & Wellness to host a class for kids.

UW Health Kids experts say that this summer is the perfect time to call attention to kids that may be dealing with lasting stress from the pandemic, and have provided a few tips for parents that have some free time with their children, UW Health Kids stated.

One stress-reliever experts have recommended is mindfulness, which they describe as “the practice of bringing one’s consciousness and awareness into the present moment, and a way to acknowledge one’s thoughts and feelings.” Yoga is another recommendation that UW Health experts provide.

“These activities benefit both parents and kids and can be a potentially effective therapy for kids coping with emotional, mental, physical and behavioral conditions,” Dr. Mala Mathur, a pediatrician and mental health expert with UW Health Kids, said.

Practices such as yoga, an exercise that combines physical postures, meditation and regulated breathing, can be especially helpful for practicing focus, Mathur added. “Yoga offers a release from today’s fast-paced and tech-heavy world.”

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