Video appears to show Oregon state Rep Mike Nearman explaining how to get inside state Capitol building - CNNPolitics

Oregon state Rep. Mike Nearman, a Republican who is accused of allowing protesters into the closed state Capitol building while lawmakers were debating Covid-19 restrictions, is seen in new video, appearing to give insights on how to access the Capitol.

The video, which is being reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting, is posted on YouTube and with a stamp that says it was streamed December 16, 2020. The 78-minute video shows Nearman speaking to an unidentified audience about steps to take to set up “Operation Hall Pass.”
It is unclear if he is aware he’s being recorded.
At the beginning of the video, Nearman tells the people in attendance this will allow them to “develop some kinds of tools as far as knowing what the legislature is doing and how to participate in what the legislature is doing.”
Later in the video, the Oregon state representative and the audience were discussing people not being able to access the Capitol because of Covid-19 restrictions. He then begins to detail how to possibly get access into the building and whom to call.