Smartphones running on Android operating system come with a host of accessibility features. These are mainly aimed to help people with visual, hearing and speech impairments to better access their  smartphones and interact with their device.

However, these features can also be helpful for anyone in mundane situations like when a user is driving or is occupied with work and can not attend to their phone. These include a screen reader, interaction tools like voice access switch access, action blocks and more.

TalkBack is Android’s phone screen reader. With the TalkBack feature, users can interact with their device using touch and spoken feedback. It describes your actions and tells you about alerts and notifications.

There is a Select to Speak feature as well which allows you to schedule the spoken feedback only at certain items. To use this feature, select items on the screen to hear them read or described aloud, or point the camera at something in the real world.

Android accessibility tools also offer interaction controls to its users. These include Voice access, Switch Access, Actions Blocks and more. The Lookout feature is aimed to assist people who are blind or have low vision.