Cosmos, anyone? After Kim Cattrall shared a photo of herself in an astronaut suit, fans couldn’t help but wonder if she was really headed to space.

The confusion came after NASA announced that a mannequin would be sent to the moon on the Artemis I mission later this year. Soon after, Twitter account @startrekeire made a joke about 64-year-old Cattrall’s starring role in the 1987 movie Mannequin.

“Breaking news! @KimCattrall has been chosen to fly aboard @NASA’s #Artemis I mission which flies around the moon later this year,” the account wrote on Tuesday, June 15. “Congrats Kim, wishing you good vibrations!”

The Star Trek alum responded to the message with a photo of herself in full space gear.

“To go where no mannequin has gone before. #lifegoals,” she added in a separate tweet.

While a few winky-face emojis in separate tweets led many fans to realize Cattrall was joking, a response from NASA confused some people further.

“That’s one giant leap for manne-kind,” NASA wrote. “Dream realized!” the Satisfaction author replied with a kiss emoji.

Amid the confusion, many fans joked that Cattrall’s new gig as an astronaut is the real reason she won’t reprise her character Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That.

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