Many artists, including quick-rising creators and established acts alike, have enjoyed substantial commercial success as a result of viral TikTok trends. But what’s the secret to blowing your music up on TikTok?

Playlist Push cut its teeth on Spotify playlists, once the most important battleground for growing your music. But that was before TikTok exploded, and Playlist Push started diversifying accordingly to help artists grow their careers on the short-form video app. Now that TikTok looks like it’s here to stay in the U.S., Playlist Push joined forces with Digital Music News to distill the best pro tips for making your music blow up on this fast-growing platform. Enjoy.

1. Nail the Sound Clip

Nailing the sound clip – the 15-second to 60-second segment that plays when creators select a song – is imperative. The majority of TikTok videos are 10-15 seconds in length (and feature 10-15 seconds of music), but distributors typically set songs’ sound clips as their first 15, 30, or 60 seconds by default.

This is the foremost impediment to promotional achievements on the service, as the sound clip should showcase the catchiest 15 seconds of the track at hand. The sound clips for “Old Town Road,” “Supalonely,” and “Dreams,” for instance, present the tracks’ most memorable (and TikTok-suited) elements.

You can customize your TikTok snippets through your distributor or by manually uploading a video.

2. Become an Active TikTok Creator

For musicians, being personally active on TikTok is an important component of building meaningful relationships with users and music fans.

Regularly creating content will enable you to determine what works in videos – and the types of content that users like most – while bolstering your following. Plus, commenting on viral videos with your music is a quick and engaging way to attract additional followers yet.

Followers, in turn, can help you to launch campaigns and capitalize on trend-related opportunities.