Health Care | Representative Elaine Luria

Nowadays, it is easy to feel like the news is filled with partisan issues that only matter in Washington. However, many of these issues have very real consequences for people across the country — regardless of beliefs or background. President Biden’s Build Back Better plan is the latest source of controversy.

The largest plank of the President’s agenda currently being debated in Congress is the $3.5 trillion (or $1.75 trillion, depending on who you ask) reconciliation bill. Like the recently passed infrastructure bill, there is a lot of good for West Virginians, by repairing our aging infrastructure and providing a much-needed boost to the social safety net.

Those provisions will bring real positive change to our state and our country. Unfortunately, there are also some hidden pet projects that could hurt vulnerable Americans, especially our seniors.

I believe Sen. Manchin was a definite positive force in bringing the bipartisan infrastructure bill to its successful conclusion when he spoke out against the House holding it hostage in hopes that it would compel moderates to vote yes on another big spending package.

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