Violinist-looper and vocalist Joe Kye blends indie-rock, jazz, classical, pop, and world folk to create a unique sound. He joined The Oregonian/OregonLive on Thursday.

Born in Korea and raised in Seattle, Kye has drawn rave reviews since launching his music career in 2013. With his innovative use of digital effects and looping, Kye weaves together diverse textures, catchy melodies, and rich, sweet vocals to create songs that groove, uplift, and empower listeners.

Kye released a new single, “The Way Out,” on March 19.

The piece was created in collaboration with choreographer/dancer Diego Garita and commissioned by New York City’s Young Dancemakers Company to pair with Garita’s original dance piece titled “Los Delores de la Raza.” Both pieces are about U.S. immigration policy.

Kye is also making children’s music as part of Mike Bennett’s.

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