Avocado toast has been seriously ubiquitous for a long time now, and I’m pretty sure that no one needs any more variations on how to make it delicious. But if you are in need of a break from AT, or, like me, don’t love avocado, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your own fancy toast to get excited about. And since we are heading into summer, I thought it was high time that we talk about tomato toast.

Traditional Tomato Toasts
The pairing of tomatoes and bread is nothing new. The Spanish have been serving pan con tomate, a grilled piece of toast lavished with olive oil, swiped with a cut clove of garlic and topped with grated fresh tomato, as a tapas dish forever. The French make pain aux tomates, embedding whole or halved confit tomatoes in a yeasted bread, and no one needs to begin the conversation about pizza both domestically and abroad. Shakshuka, that dish of spicy tomato sauce with eggs baked in it, is as much about the bread you dunk in it as the sauce itself.

Prepare tomatoes

1. Slice tomatoes in half, then grate the cut sides on the large side of a box grater until all you have left is the skin.

2. Sprinkle grated tomato with a pinch of salt (plus a pinch of sugar if your tomatoes aren’t particularly ripe and a little lemon or lime zest if you are feeling perky) and put the seasoned grated tomatoes in a colander over a bowl. Let drain for an hour at room temp. (You can drink the tomato water or save for a vinaigrette or soup.)

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