Robbie Amell, one of the stars of the upcoming reboot Resident Evil:Welcom to Raccoon City , commented recently that the film is undergoing reshoots. The new film is meant to be the start of a new Resident Evil film franchise that is based on the long-running video game series. Previously, the series found its way to the big screen with writer-director Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2002 Resident Evil film starring Milla Jovovich. Those Resident Evil films did well at the box office, but got mixed to negative reviews from critics. The Resident Evil film series is currently the highest-grossing film franchise based on a video game with $1.2 billion in worldwide revenue.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City is said to adhere to the games and characters fans love more than Anderson’s films did. It is directed by Johannes Roberts, whose previous films include 47 Meters Down and The Strangers: Prey at Night. Alongside Amell as chris Redfield, fans will get to see other beloved characters such as Jill Valentine portrayed by Hannah John-Kamen, Lily Gao playing Ada Wong, Avan Jogia as Leon S. Kennedy, and Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker. The film will be set in 1998 and focus on the Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City.

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