“WandaVision” has been changed and altered. The version you watched earlier this year is gone. Marvel has pulled the rug out from under you — and it has huge consequences for what’s to come next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel projects moving forward.

Over the weekend, fans noticed the original version of “WandaVision” had changed. In the original version of the post-credits scene, the camera zooms in on a cabin in the middle of nowhere amid mountains and some trees. We see Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) sitting alone on the cabin steps, drinking tea and looking very grief-ridden. The tea kettle whistles so she heads inside to grab more tea. But then the camera reveals the true Wanda — now under the moniker of the Scarlet Witch — using her dark magic. The version of her sitting outside is merely a projection.

The new version of the scene is mostly the same as far as that part goes. But it has some minor changes to it — literally changes you probably wouldn’t see if you didn’t read this article. For one, there are more trees in the open wilderness outside of the cabin. There’s also a floating shape in the background, which looks a little like a cape — and fans believe it to be Doctor Strange in his “astral form.” And then, on top of that, the end credits added “Doctor Strange Theme,” by Michael Giacchino — which wasn’t there before.

We know “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” will connect with “WandaVision,” so those changes fit. It’s unclear whether or not Disney+ or Marvel made these changes on purpose, or if it was some editing mistake.