TV, check. Noise-canceling headphones? Check. Fridge, microwave, coffee maker? Check, check and check. Those items may be at the top of anyone’s back-to-school shopping list for students headed to college.

Those gadgets give students some of the comfort and convenience of home in their dorm room or apartment. There are a few other tech gadgets that may not be at the top of your mind but are also necessary for this time of a connected culture.

Here are a few consumer tech gadgets you might not think about when packing up your son or daughter’s car as they head to campus:

A WiFi router. Most all colleges and universities provide students campus-wide internet and maybe WiFi. Dorm rooms are often equipped with an internet connection through an ethernet port to connect laptops and a WiFi connection for phones and tablets.

You might check to see if the school allows students to bring their own WiFi router. On a campus-wide internet network, hundreds of students will be connected at any given time. No matter what security system and software the school have in place to keep students’ online work private it could always be better.

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