When the pandemic forced companies to allow employees to work from home most people wondered what might happen when those workers were asked to return. Now, we know.

According to a recent survey by the job-board website Monster.com, 95% of American workers say they want to quit their job. Many of them citing the desire to stay out of the office and work remotely.

Working from home has its challenges. If you’re trying to convince your boss that you can remain working from home AND be productive, here are a few gadgets that weren’t widely available this time last year but will upgrade your workspace.

Zoom or virtual meetings are a necessary evil when it comes to remote work. While some have upgraded their live stream capabilities many employees still have work to do to make it as close as possible to in-person meetings.

Few things are more frustrating than someone logging on through Zoom with a bad internet connection. There’s always that one guy whose picture freezes as they try to talk to the group.

Poor WiFi reception is to blame.

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