It feels a little like something is missing. It’s as if a screaming siren has been suddenly switched off and replaced by an unnerving silence. But don’t worry. The noise is coming back. Former President Donald Trump told One America News Network he’s planning a summer rally tour of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia.

Oh, goody! Just what we need a to spoil our emergence from the pandemic and threaten any effort to find the bits of common ground we occupied before Trump made everything into an awful squabble over himself. His being back demonstrates that it’s OK — and even profitable — to be crude and vulgar, dishonest and angry. And he’ll do this because he thrives on attention and withers without it.

As New Yorkers learned long ago, Trump is a truly gifted publicity hound who understands the financial and political value of media attention. With it, he sold products, hotel rooms, rounds of golf and, most especially, himself.

He won the presidency in 2016 with an estimated $2 billion in free publicity earned, thanks to outrageous behavior that kept TV cameras trained on him. He used the same strategy once he was in office to dominate the news, sometimes hour-by-hour, with the aid of a Twitter torrent that crested at 1,415 tweets and retweets in the month of October 2020.

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