A Tesla electric car charging. Credit: Bridie Schmidt

Buying an electric vehicle after owning a petrol or diesel car is a bit like going from a landline to a smartphone, but a little more complicated: After all, an EV has wheels and can cause some serious damage in a crash, whereas dropping a smartphone will at worst result in a cracked screen.

And with electric cars now back on the government discussion menu (albeit without any real incentives to buy or motivations for carmakers to bring them here), as well as $3,000 rebates in NSW, Victoria and South Australia, now it’s a better time than ever to go electric – if you can actually find one.

Charging an electric car is as easy as charging a smartphone – almost. Instead of simply charging at the powerpoint next to your bedside table or office desk, an electric car can also be charged on on a wall charger which you can have installed in your garage, or at an AC destination charger that you might find at the shopping centre or workplace, or at a DC fast-charger.

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