Passports. An innocent looking thin booklet yet a highly important international travel documents which confers the holder certain rights of movement. The material cost of printing is quite similar for each country, yet the costs to acquire one varies wildly mostly to the whim of the issuing country.

But have you ever considered how cheap or expensive they can be especially when taking local earning power into account?

SavingSpot has gone through the number crunching and produced some interesting headline results. At $74USD, the mean price of the passport does not actually fluctuate that significantly around the world and across the developed countries.

Using the January 2021 US dollar exchange rates, SavingSpot pored through the available data for each country to find the prices for each country.

Where passports were offered in different sizes (number of pages) and expiration dates, the option of the fewest pages and longest validity was chosen. At a whopping $800, Syria has by far most expensive passports.

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