The White House says President Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva next month is a “vital part” of defending American interests and not a “reward” for destabilizing behavior.

Biden and Putin are set to meet in Geneva on June 16, and are expected to discuss a range of issues, including Iran and North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, Syria, the Arctic, strategic stability, arms control, climate change, COVID-19 and more.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday was asked why the president offered to meet with Putin, to which she replied: “This is how diplomacy works.”

“We don’t meet with people only when we agree, it’s actually important to meet with leaders when we have a range of disagreements, as we do with Russian leaders,” Psaki said.

“We don’t regard the meeting with the Russian president as a reward, we regard it as a vital part of defending America’s interests and President Biden is meeting with President Putin because of our countries’ differences, not in spite of them,” Psaki continued, adding that the meeting will serve as “an opportunity to raise concerns where we have them, and again, move toward a more stable and predictable relationship with the Russian government.”

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